Letter from the Creators

Letter from the Creators

If we’re doing our job well, architects and designers spend the majority of our time thinking about our community—the people who will ultimately spend the better part of their days in our buildings. With the See Beyond Journal, we will explore and share stories of the people, places, and qualities that make you, our community, and The Tramont so special. As the project’s moniker and the journal’s namesake suggests, The Tramont seeks to open our eyes to a fresh vision of ‘understated elegance’, unveiling a new way of living and entertaining, revealing what inhabiting good design can really look like.

Our team is committed to bringing excellence to every project we have the good fortune to build. For David Silverstein of The FiveStone Group, The Tramont represents a renewed commitment to building quality and economic development as he applies his tenured experience to the project. For our team at D&A, The Tramont is a special opportunity to design and build a uniquely Birmingham project that is rooted in the foundations of great architecture and graced with all the trappings, elegance, and amenities found in other great cities. It’s a simple equation really: quality, quality, quality. And one that, we as makers, are obsessed in perfecting. As are the talented professionals that are vital in executing complex and unique projects: our local architectural and engineering team, general contractor, attorneys, creative agencies, and fabulous sales and marketing agents, The Tramont boasts a committed cadre of the best to build the very best.

As we established our vision for this project, we gained an intimate understanding of the city’s rich history and dedication to craftsmanship. These elements are not only found in the beautiful Highland Park and Birmingham buildings that have stood the test of time, but also in the makers that call this place home. Within walking distance of The Tramont live some of the best restaurants, designers, and entrepreneurs. Just as we’ve designed The Tramont to effectuate a high level of quality, the See Beyond Journal will shine a light on the heartbeat of this wonderful community.

It is a privilege to work and connect with such talented professionals that are vital in creating a project and community that will stand the test of time, inspiring generations to come. As we share these stories, we hope that you will feel inspired to see beyond as you create your own legacy.



The D&A team