The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


In addition to being a stone’s throw away from award-winning restaurants, The Tramont is situated near Birmingham’s greatest abundance of beautiful parks and green space. Whether you are looking for a casual after-dinner stroll or a day spent hiking in the great outdoors, the Magic City has plenty of options.



Highland Park

Distance from The Tramont: 0.3 miles

Comprising three separate parks, the Highland Park neighborhood is the perfect location for a walk with a friend or morning jog. And, to top it off, there’s no need to hop in your car for this adventure – Highland Park is located just steps away from The Tramont. It also offers several different routes, allowing you to bask in the area’s historical architecture. Be sure to make a pitstop at O’Henry’s Coffee while you’re at it. 


Jemison Trail

Distance from The Tramont: 2.5 miles 

This 54-acre linear park is a runner’s dream as it is mostly paved, relatively shaded, and predominantly flat. The city of Mountain Brook recently invested in updating Jemison Trail and it now includes a beautiful bridge that is accessible to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a short run or want to push the distance, this trail will not disappoint.


Oak Mountain State Park

Distance from The Tramont: 20.3 miles

Located south of the city, Oak Mountain State Park truly feels like an escape with its 9,940 acres of nature. As Alabama’s largest state park, you can find several different trail systems within Oak Mountain as well as boating, fishing, mountain bike trails, horseback riding, and even a wakeboarding course. The King’s Chair Loop is a local favorite as an inclined hike with beautiful scenic views from the top (and a good calorie burn!).   


Red Mountain Park

Distance from the Tramont: 6.8 miles

Situated on the Red Mountain ridge line, Red Mountain Park is a public urban park that offers a glimpse into Birmingham’s history with views of the city and artifacts from the Industrial Revolution. Enjoy several different walking trails, a dog park, and -if you’re feeling adventurous- a ropes course. This park is great for those looking to explore the world of trail running as there’s a community run every week.

The Magic City offers so much beauty, especially for those that enjoy historical architecture and time spent in the great outdoors. The team is also excited for the forthcoming Redmont Cut Trail, which will connect nearby 22nd Street to English Village and offer scenic views of downtown Birmingham. Residents of The Tramont will have all this splendor at their fingertips!